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What's New

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This 42-page atlas and adventure is set around the seaport of North Port on the island of Nova Capri. It contains two separate possible adventures. One the player characters can try and recover eggs from a creature's nest for a great deal of money or they can take a job as guards and explore the surrounding jungle on their off-duty time. Available now for $4 of as a free gift to our supporters on patreon.com

This 50-page PDF atlas and adventure includes a rich falcon who is willing to buy ancient treasure found on other islands. A chance to explore a recently discovered ancient underground site. Or the opportunity to become a bounty hunter and bring in a terrorist wanted by the falcon authorities and whom the less experienced light infantry have been unsuccessful in capturing.

Available now for download for $4

The Natives & Aliens

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The Duarf

These hermaphrodites are native to the planet. To them you as a human are the invader from outer-space. Because they live in semi-subterranean settlements they were called dwarfs by the first human colonists to the planet. Over time the name changed. 

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The Quillian

These distant cousins of the Duarf are called Quillian by the humans. They are more primitive and live on floating villages in the open ocean and in the sea of grass area of the planet. They are temperamental, today they might trade a valuable pearl for a copper knife and tomorrow eat you.

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The Ferlie

The Ferlie of Planet Archipelago are also aliens to the planet. They arrived more than four generations before the humans did. They are a high technology culture that hides the technology so that it looks like "magic" They tend to look down on humans as childish brutes who lack in culture and intelligence. The original colonists called them fairies due to their wings and ear shapes the word has morphed over the years into Ferlies.