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Archipelago basic rules front cover shoping map and sailing ship

To get started playing; you will need a copy of the basic rules which can be downloaded from this website, a D20 die, Percentage die, two D6 die, paper and pencil and someone who will be a Game-master. if you want to be the Game-master then you may also  want to add other supplements such as the Game-master's Guide to help you run the game with your friends who will be the players. 

After that you may make up your own adventures or you may purchase and download from this website adventure units that have  adventures already planned out for you to lead your players on.

You may also want to check out the game Designers page where Steve Simmons adds background material about the game. You can also follow us on Facebook or become a supporter on for as little as $1 per month and receive free game material as a thank you gift for your support. Our supporters on patreon receive new creatures, ships and such before they are released to anyone else.

The Game-masters guide  a hooden man in the rain
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