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  • Are you a Christian Company?
    Yes, Steve and B.A. are both active church goers.
  • Is the Game Planet Archipelago family friendly?
    Yes, The game is family friendly, There is make believe violence in both the novels and the game. The novels are written for young adults. The game is designed so that parents could game-master the adventures with their children. While the children controlled the player characters.
  • Are the game and novels hard or soft science fiction?
    The game allows player characters to inherit advanced sci-fi equipment from their ancestors, the first colonists from Earth, The players might also find ancient human or alien technology during their adventures.
  • Are the creatures in the game and novels magical?
    No, they are just animals. Some creatures are smart and some are rather dumb. They can be courious, hungry, angry or all three. They tend to be big and when hungry they are more than happy to eat a human player character i the game.
  • Can you create non-human player characters?
    Yes, However the Duarf characters generally, don't like humans, The Quillian will eat humans and are more savage, and only the Ferlie can interbreed with human to create half-ferlie/half human hybreds. The full-blood Ferlie tend to feel they are better than Humans, so they are not inclined to go on an adventure with them. So, a band of All Duarf, all Quillian or all Ferlie is the best option for player characters of an alien race.
  • Are there different languages in the game?
    Yes, The humans who came to this planet spoke either Queens English, or Italian some islands now speak a pidgon language with words from both of these languages. The Falcon Empire only speaks Italian and the Aruth-Fallen Dome alliance speaks English. Player characters may want to have a second language as a character skill otherwise they could sail to an island and not know what was being said to them. The Duarf have current Duarf and ancient Duarf. The Quillian have a language and the Ferlie also have their own language. Having a player character with additional language skills can be valuable.
  • Does the Game have magic?
    No, The player characters and non-player characters in the game believe in magic, ghosts, goblins and such, yet it is really just ancient technology that they don't understand or the results of wild creatures rampage not a goblin or ghost.
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