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A ttrpg medieval fighter falling into a spiked pit trap with skeletons of past victims

Finding a trap the hard way.

A female sailor on the ropes.jpg

Owning a ship means that sailing, climbing, and navigation become important skills for a player character.

medieval fighter in ttrpg by the sea

On Planet Archipelago you may be an explorer, a warrior, a merchant or even the ruler of your own island.

A female ship captain in armor

Be careful not to get caught between the Red Serpent Brotherhood and the Falcon Empire. Both can be deadly in their own right.

Bianca Binasco, Estate owner's mistress a young female sitting on the edge of a large four-poster medieval style med in a medieval room.s mistress copyright.jpg
An alien creature armed with a spear and falchion in a jungle.

Bianca is another new non-player-character in an adventure in the Villa di Segovia. She is the mistress to lord Nicolo Segovia during his annual 2-3 week visit to his estate on the isle di Scettro. She dreams of someday becoming his wife and moving to the capital and will do anything to achieve her goal. She might prove more dangerous than any jungle hellhound.

A Duarf follower of Kith Mor. To prove worthy of being a follower of Kith Mor, it is required to kill as many human invaders as possible during its lifetime.

An elf, fairy, by a tree in the
A Elf or ferlie with a spear finds a shipwrecked human

The Fairy or Elves of Planet called Ferlie by the Humans are not always friendly to human sailors shipwrecked on the shores of Ferlie Plateau their home island.

An Elf or Ferlie of Planet Archipelago Their wings are vestigial and show emotions but are not used to fly.

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