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The White Towers on the northeastern edge of the sea of rocks. It is rumored that there is a passage that starts between these two geysers into the sea of rocks where there is a fantastic treasure hidden.

The "White Towers" are in fact two massive geysers of seawater that are shot into the air as the sea is forced into two separate holes in the jagged rim rocks of the sea of rocks. These geysers shoot a hundred feet or more into the sky depending on the ocean surge.

It takes a successful navigation skill roll with a +2 penalty to sail between the geysers and not have your ship's hull slammed up against the jagged rocks by the surging currents and eddies.

The white pillars & the sea of Rocks.jpg
White Towers map parchment.jpg

This is a copy of one of the more popular “fake” treasure maps that are sold to the gullible.  It claims to show the way into the sea of rocks from the white towers.

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