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The Four Towers gives floorplans and details about four different types of defensive watchtowers that might be found in various settlements and towns on Planet Archipelago. The Game Master may set any of these in towns as they wish. The supplement may be used to play out a scenario, where one or more player characters have been arrested, and the other player characters must try and get them out of the holding cell they are in inside the tower.

If pirates attacked the town the player characters might volunteer their services to repel the attackers in hopes of a reward this could involve the player characters manning the tower.

Or a third option, the player characters could be the pirates or raiders and they would have to deal with the tower as a defensive position in the town. The tower would normally be manned by local town militia. The supplement includes four NPC militia fighters who might be manning the tower. We hope you will enjoy this collection of towers, floorplans, and NPC.

The Four Towers

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