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Aelang Isle & Mount Doom. The island is currently uninhabited by humans. It is a very dangerous place. There are stories by the elderly that there was a rich and massive Duarf ruin on the isle before the eruption of the volcano 100 years ago. Earthquakes happen almost daily. and Mount Doom erupts for about 3-4 months at least once per year. The Steam banks north of the island have hot steam rising from the depths it is an excellent fishing ground but dangerous with serious risk of steam burns. There are rumors of large pearls in the area around shell point. and hydra point has large numbers of giant sea hydra. There is a 50% chance that the sea around the area of the boils will start to boil with hot magma just 2 fathoms below the surface. Hells mouth isle has some vegetation but often spits out clouds of sulfuric gas from its crater.

aelang isle map parchment.jpg
aelang isle and mt Doom from hell fire b
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