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Type of Government: Third Generation heredity Barony  The current Baron is 19 years old, spoiled, rich, and with a mean streak. Local tax rate 30% and for visiting foreigners it is 40% on income and real property. The Baron also has 5 spies who live and work among the population to keep the young Baron informed. Military; 50 professional troops and 25 mercenaries. No Militia.They export  about 10,000 carats or 4.46 pounds of Cardun Heart gems, at 50 gold florins per carat wholesale. They export 90 tons or 12,000 board feet of shipwood each year. They also export  7 tons of dried meat and 8 tons of cheese per year. Their major imports are, rice, corn, wheat, fruit, textiles, iron and copper.










Port Thomas: Population 1,047 The harbor is walled with one defense tower and the town is protected on the land side by a ditch and embankment with spikes to prevent any Baarex from entering the town. Most homes have stone for the first floor to guard against animals and half timbering for the upper floors. Most farming has been reduced to kitchen gardens and the country side is devoted to ranching for sheep cattle and goats. It is easier to move and protect a flock from predators than it is to move a field of grain. The town has 1 inn, 1 tavern, 2 millers, 2 bakers, 2 herbalists, 1 blacksmith, 1 stone mason, 2 carpenters, 25 ranchers, 20 loggers, 25 fishermen, 4 weavers, 2 tailors, 1 dyer, 1 general merchandise store, 1 tanner, 1 jeweler, 1 weapons shop owned by the baron who controls what can be purchased or repaired. 10 baronial clerks, 5 baronial spies, The harbor defense tower is manned by 20 baronial guards, the city is patrolled by 25 guards in groups of 5 during the night. 5

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A guardsman from Thomas Isle. This is a small force charge with keeping the current unpopular baron alive and on the throne. An iron helm, iron gorget, iron shoulder points with maille over a padding. Torso armor code; Cut 20, Thrust 10, Impact 10, Burn 2. The Baron's most trusted guardsmen are the mercenaries who he pay so well they would have to be crazy to turn against him. he distrust about 20% of the local guardsmen at any given time.

The young Baron Robert D' Thomas of Thomas Isle: He is 19 years old and has lived a life of luxury and privilege since his birth. He looks down on his subjects as disloyal. That they would rob him of what is his rightful due in the form of taxes. He treats many of the indentured servants in the mine as more slaves. Illegally extending their indenture papers for any minor infraction he can. He is always guarded by 5 very well-paid mercenaries who are loyal to him only. He seldom leaves the fortress and doesn't seem to care about anything other than loyalty to himself. He relies on his clerks and spies as well as the guards and mercenaries to keep him informed. He has about 100 close friends who encourage him in return for official baronial favors. With these he feels accepted and loved. He is always armed with a beautiful gold plated and gem encrusted fine steel dagger. He only wears armor if he leaves the fortress. Armor chaffs him and is in his opinion, uncomfortable. He always wears, when awake, the new crown he had made to replace the simple one his father and grandfather wore. The Baronial treasury reserve funds have dropped 25% in the 3 years he has been on the baronial throne as he is spending more than the Barony earns in a year. He is too blunt to be a good diplomate. He sees himself as a great lady’s man, but while charming at a distance he quickly becomes crude and clumsy in more intimate relationships. The number of young women attending baronial dances has dropped by 70% so that only those whose parents are his supporters and hope that their daughter will become the next Baroness still attend. His Skills: Strength 6, Dexterity 10, Endurance 8, Intelligence 13. He can read and write the local Pidgin of English 80% Italian 20%. Astrology +5 He believes that the stars can foretell his glorious future, Bribery +4, Flattery +4, Recognize value +4, Interrogation +3, Flirtation +3, Singing +2, Dancing +2, Herbalist +2, Seduction +1, Dagger +1, Leadership +1. He has access to the baronial treasury of 4.5 million gold florins, the Baronial fortress and its contents in fact. He believes he owns the entire island and everyone on it. Though few would agree with that. Age: 19. His motives: To enjoy everything he deserves on his island. His feelings about:

Love: My Father said, he loved me, but he never wanted what I want.

Hate: I hate to see fine things wasted on the ignorant.

Duty: I have a duty to be the Baron. I was born to it.

Honesty: Very few people are honest with me that is why I can’t trust them.

Crime: My incompetent guards have allowed pirates to attack my city twice in the last year.

Work: Is what the common and ignorant servants and ordinary people do.

Money: Everyone wants to try and get my money.

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Umberto Thomas Haversfield  Importer: He is one of the young Baron Thomas’s “favorites”  He owns an importing business at Port Thomas and by virtue of his favored status with the Baron, no one can import any wine, brandy or other alcoholic drinks to the island unless they are sold in bulk to Umberto. His Skills: Strength 8, Dexterity 11, Endurance 8, Intelligence 12. He can read and write the local Pidgin of English 80% Italian 20%. Merchanting +5, Flattery +5, Recognize value +4, weather-lore +3, sword +3, dagger +3, Dancing +2, Herbalist +2, swimming +1, Leadership +1. He has access to the Baronial court at any time. He owns a merchant kog ship that imports from other islands to Port Thomas as well as a shop and home in Port Thomas. He has about 20,000 gold florins in personal wealth hidden in his home or in a new bank on the Isle d’ Bec. He tries to keep his wife and children out of the new Baron’s notice. While the Baron seems to like him, he resents what the young man has become. He would love to see someone else on the throne. Someone who is better suited to running the government in a responsible manner. He believes that about 10 of the islands troops also feel as he does. Yet its hard to be sure. No one wants to say anything negative for fear of ending up a slave in the mine or dead. Age: 29. His motives: To save his island from the incompetence of its current ruler. He would love to find a way to remove the baron from power without killing him. He is, after all, a distant relative. His feelings about:

Love: My Father said, that to be a real man, you must do the right thing, no matter the consequences.

Hate: I hate to see what is happening to myself and my country.

Duty: I have a duty to be loyal to those who trust me. Yet I also have a duty to my neighbors and country.

Honesty: I have become very dishonest. Being friendly with the Baron and lying through my teeth as I tell him how great he is.

Crime: My crime of supporting the Baron may be the biggest crime on the island.

Work: The old Baron was a great guy, I loved my work with him.

Money: I’ve been doing okay in business but the system is breaking.

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