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Falcon Empire light infantry fighters with weapons and armor

The light infantry of the Falcon Empire provide police services in the towns and cities of the Empire.

Medieval towers and walls at Harbor at Deeport
giant ocean whirlpool

Alien harbor section of the port of Deep Port this is where ship belonging to non-citizens of the Falcon Empire are allowed to dock and do business. Italian is the official language of the Falcon Empire. The Empires's major university is located here. A place player characters may learn new skills.

Deeport harbor map.jpg

A map of the harbor at the Falcon city of Deep Port. The falcon military has a major naval base here and three fortresses for troops. All Falcon males spend 7 years in the Falcon military from age 14 to 21 those not fit for combat serve  in either the quartermasters corps or a local "guarda" to police the population. No-one serves on their home island or in their home town.

Falcon emperial throne room

The Emperial Throne and throne room at the palace on Kings Isle. The empire's symbol is a double headed Falcon. A symbol brought from Earth by their ancestors.

medieval Nova Revenna seaport for ttrpg

Nova Revenna is a shallow water port on the north lagoon side of King's Isle in the Falcon Empire.

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