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Port Aruth on the Island of Aruth is the island's largest sea port.The island is a major food producer.

Near harbor.jpeg
cliff trail above harbor.jpg

The cliff trail above safe harbor. It has defense like the one shown to prevent unauthorized access to the city.

Safe Harbor on Fallen Dome. The island produces very little food but has extensive gold mines.

Fallen Dome City.jpg

A street in Fallen Dome City located on a cliff above Safe Harbor. The baronial fortress is located on the cliff above the city at tone of the highest points on the island.

Cowards landing defense.jpg

The Fallen Dome Baronial Guard corp. numbers 450 men including officers. The carry a painted rawhide over wood shield with the Barony's Swan ennobled symbol painted on a black field. They serve an 8 hour shift and patrol routes in groups of 2, 4 or 6 men, depending on how isolated the patrol may be. One third of the guards are trained with crossbows or the new Aruth hand cannon. Patrols outside the urban areas are also equipped with 4 grenades per man, with 2-3 men armed with either crossbow or hand cannon. Urban Patrols most often only carry a spear and sword. All men are armored with a heavy leather jack, over a knee length maille Bernie which is over a thigh length quilted padding.  heavy leather boot to mid calf.
While the Guard have been a traditional defensive force to protect Fallen Dome, recent events over the last two years, has caused the baron to look to increase the guard by 150 men as an offensive expeditionary force to aid other nearby islands if they are attacked. The barons personal guards wear the white swan on a black field while the islands guards have a gold Kraken on a blue field painted on their shields.

Coward's landing on the island of Fallen Dome' Northwest coast and is defensive structure.

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