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Port Lydia the only human settlement on the island. A small port that exports furs, lumber and some food most to Whitby isle to the south. The town is protected by a guard tower where all of the citizens will flee if pirates threaten. The guard tower has two large ballista that can fire either bolts or grenades.

Kiloran east shore sea cave 2.jpg
Kiloran map parchment.jpg

An evening in port Lydia's only public house will expose lots of stories about the strange things locals claim to have seen on this mostly unexplored island. Such as the story of a large merchant cog sunk near the mouth of a sea cave on the island's east coast and guarded by a sea serpent. 

Kiloran east shore mysterious stairs.jpg

Other local fishermen will tell of mysterious stairs that rise up out of the sea to disappear into caves high up in the cliff walls.

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