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Isle de'Joc fortress under repair 2.jpg
wild dog in ruins.jpg

The main island is dotted with ruins and over-run with wild dogs. The island's population was almost wiped out due to plague that started about 80 years ago. 

The Falcon Empire has occupied the old fortress in the bay at the Isle d' Joc and is repairing the fortress to make the area a major naval and military base. This expansion makes the independent islands to the west very nervious.

Falcon Cacciatore1.jpg

The Falcon Empire's new warship the Cacciatore these fast heavily armed ships operates as a pair in a hunting pack fashion. Two of these ships are now permanently station at the Isle d'Joc to patrol the waters around the island and the trade route south towards Alimia isle. Their goal... sink the pirate ships of the Hellhound consortium. 

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