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Rocky Point Isle map parchment
Port Munro.jpg

Port Munro: The only human settlement on Rocky Point Isle. Port Munro exports excellent wool, and wool products along with pickled blue crab meat. They import grain, lumber, coal and all metals, except iron. As well as many manufactured goods. The town has a population of about 250 humans and 20,000 sheep and goats. The town has an elected mayor/harbor master, a general merchandise shop, an herbalist shop, a carpenter, stone mason, blacksmith, 20 fishermen and 100 sheep farmers. They charge 2 silver per day for ships to dock. The rancher’s co-op warehouse will hold 3-5 tons of raw wool in 100 lb. bales, a few dozen wool rugs, several dozen knitted wool sweaters, socks, hats, felted wool mittens, water proof felted wool cloaks, wool blankets, felted wool shoe inserts for winter, and a couple dozen parchment skins for export.

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