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Port Bec medieval fortification of seaport with green hills in the background

Port Bec on the northern coast of the Isle d' Bec. It is a popular place for ships to take shelter during the worst parts of the winter.

Isles d' Bec map parchment.jpg
Southport a.jpg

Southport on the southeastern shore of the Isle d' Bec. The seaports of this area are fortified due to the presence of pirates who will raid undefended coastal towns, villages and isolated farms.

The naval and land forces of The Isles d' Bec have the same type of armor, equipment and uniforms. A iron helm a bronze gorget, a iron coat of plates ,over a shirt of maille. Torso armor code; Cut 40, Thrust 20, Impact 30, Burn 3. About 20% carry swords, and crossbows the majority carry a spear and sword. The Baron d'Bec doesn't want an empire but he still has acquired more islands than one. He uses his troops sparingly to avoid upsetting the locals. Most of the military activity has been against pirates either Falcon opportunists or outright pirates from Murphy's isle to the west.

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