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Pascual Amadio ttrpg npc in medieval clothing

Pascual Amadio Instructor of Languages at University at Deeport, Falcon Empire. NPC:  He is concerned that the Empire and humans on the planet are becoming stagnant and approaching a decline. He feels that humans are losing their competitive edge against the native lifeforms of the planet. He privately fears a coming crisis in human dominance on the planet. He frequently cites the rise of the Kith Mor religion in the Duarf population as proof.  Some of his students and colleagues believe he is overly negative and pessimistic and have begun to avoid him when possible. In his youth he was a member of the Nemo brotherhood but now feels they have failed in their goals and mission. In the last few years he has turned to playing the lute alone with depressing ballads of ancient Earth being his popular choice. His Skills: Str. 5, Dex 13, Endur 6, Intel 12, He  is believed to be fluent in reading, writing and speaking Italian, English, Latin (25%), French (55%), German (40%), Duarf (14%) and Quillian (3%; in fact the percentage next to the language is his real skill level in that language). History +7, Diplomacy +7 , Interrogation + 5, Dagger +5, lute +5, weather lore +3, Swimming +2, Cooking +2.   Personal Equipment: He has an apartment in the university, He has 4,000 in florins deposited with the Falcon Merchant bank, His belt pouch has an average of 17 silver and 12 copper coins, His belt dagger is weapon code Cut 9, Thrust 9, impact 0. He wears expensive embroidered cotton cloths. He owns and expensive antique lute with inlaid mother-of-pearl and silver and gold wire (value 350 gold) Age: 68 Motive: To try and teach the future generations about the greatness of Human language and culture. His feelings about:
Love: I haven't love anyone since my wife died 15 years ago.
Hate: I dislike few people but I hate the decline in culture that  I see all around me.
Duty:  I teach my classes and that is my duty.
Honesty: Honestly I struggle to care anymore.
Crime: I fear that what I feel is coming to the Empire is going to be the real crime.
Work: I have been teaching my whole life and I'm not sure it has done any good at all.
​Money: A time may be coming when money will not matter very much.

Nicco Bacco ttrpg npc at desk writing

Nicco Bacco Admissions Chancellor and Instructor University of Deeport Falcon Empire NPC: Nicco instructs university students in the college of Engineering. He is a family friend to Duke Aquila. He credits the Falcon military with maintaining the Empire's discipline and integrity. He is active in research into new military technology and weapons. He also controls admissions to the University and resents the current alien quota he is required to fill. He feels alien students have no place in the university system, they are little better than animals and prove it every day by their crude and vulgar actions. He also controls all visitor access to the university and its library. He gives an entrance test to all new students. They site on a short stool so that he can look down on them as he questions them about their knowledge, politics, and goals. Other visitors will see him turn over a sand clock (15 minute) when they enter the room when the sand runs out the interview is over, irregardless of the visitor's mission or desires. On average the chance they will be given access to the university library or staff is 25% His Skills: Str. 7, Dex 11, Endur 9, Intel 11, He speaks reads and writes fluent Italian and English. Trajectories +7, mathematics +5, weapon design +4, Defense structures +4, sword+4, dagger +3, siege machines+3, chemistry +2, Archery +2. Personal Equipment: He wears expensive embroidered shirts and seldom wears a weapon other than a dagger, code Cut 9, thrust 5, impact 0. His belt pouch has an average of 3 gold, 7 silver and 12 copper. He has 12,600 worth in gold deposited with the Falcon Merchant bank. His family have a large cotton plantation near the capitol. His personal rare book collection has been appraised at 250,000 gold florins.
Age: 43 Motive: To help the empire grow through better military equipment.  His feelings about:
Love: I love trying to understand how the ancients made the weapons spoken of, in the old books.
Hate: Aliens, who think they are good as we are.
Duty: To improve the efficiency of the empire's armed forces.
Honesty: I'm the first to admit some humans have gone “ative” and are not as good as the rest of us. I'm not a prejudiced man, just an honest and realistic one.
Crime: It would be a crime for the Empire not to grow and expand. We the Falcon's need to save this planet from the uncivilized natives.
Work: To study and learn how to give the Empire more power over our enemies.
Money: I'm paid a good salary but in truth I would serve the empire for free if needed.

Lucia maria Di Emili spy assissin holding silver chalace

Lucia Maria Di Emili Aka Lucy Smith, Mary White, ChiCia and other names. Freelance Spy and Assassin NPC: Born to a middle class silver smith and with an innocent face she mostly works for the Falcon Spy master or other wealthy princes of the realm. She charges from 500 to 5,000 gold florins per assignment and has never failed to get results either information or a requested death. Her targets have been both in and out of the Falcon Empire. She avoids political conversations when not on assignment. Her Skills: Str. 6, Dex 14,Endur 9,Intel 13. She speaks reads and writes both Italian and English fluently. She can even use local dialects convincingly. Acting +6, Poison +5, Dagger +5, Seduction +5, interrogation +5, Murder +4, Slight of hand +4, Dance +3, Guitar +3, Swimming +3, Cooking +2, Spinning +1,Weaving +1. Personal Equipment:  she has a large clothing collection that allows her to be either a peasant or a princes as needed. She has a villa and estate outside of Deeport in the Falcon empire. She owns 3 merchant ships that operate out of Deeport. She has 500,000 in credit deposited at the Falcon Merchant Bank. She has secret pockets sewn into her clothing for different poisons, pearls or money. A dagger is strapped to her right thigh under her dress, code Cut 13, thrust 7, impact0 and a thin stiletto like pearl headed pin worn as jewelry between her breasts in a hard leather sheath. Code Cut 1 Thrust 9, impact 0, * poisoned. Her purse seldom has more than 4 silver and 5 copper in it. She expects her male companions to pay her way in public. Age: 29 Her Motive: To feather her own nest, help her friends and avoid becoming a target.
Her feelings about:
Love: I love my parents who now live on my estate.
Hate: I really don't hate anyone. What I do isn't personal.​
Duty: To do my job the best that I can.
Honesty: I'm always honest with my friends when I'm not on assignment.
Crime: Crimes are what governments want them to be.
Work: I mostly enjoy my work I get to travel and see the world.
Money: With continued luck I hope to retire in the next 5-10 years or so.
Game-master for a player character to disbelieve her acting a part and not be fooled by her, requires they make an intelligence roll with her acting skill (+6) as a penalty on the roll. For a player character to not tell her more about themselves than they should, they must make an intelligence roll with her interrogation skill (+5) as a penalty on the roll .

Marco Galasso aka Lupo outlaw npc for ttrpg holding spear

Marco Galasso aka Lupo Highwayman NPC:
Born to a prosperous farm family Marco entered the Falcon light infantry at age 14 as do all falcon youth. At age 19 he killed a superior officer in an angry rage, was sentenced to death, escaped killing a guard in the process and has been living in the wild as a highwayman ever since. He currently has a “Dead or Alive” bounty on his head for 250 gold florins. He favors poorly armed and defended targets and rural plantations of the rich. He moves from area to area and island to island to avoid light infantry patrols out to catch him. Since his criminal career started, he has killed an estimated 30 people including an entire infantry patrol that got too close to his current hideout. He tends to be moody and sullen with feeling that the army mistreated him. He enjoys burning the crops of a wealthy plantation just as much as robbing a fat rich merchant along the highway. He is believed to use stolen clothing to disguise himself while traveling. His Skills: Str. 15, Dex 13, Endur 10, Intel 8, He speaks Italian and an unknown amount of English. Spear/javelin +7, Thief/robber +7 , Sword +6, Dagger +6, Climbing+5, Forest lore +4, Swimming +4, Arson +3, Diving +2, Cooking +2. Personal Equipment: He moves from hide out to hide out on a regular basis. He is armed with a bronze spear code Cut 5, Thrust 17 Impact 3. two iron throwing javelins Cut 5, Thrust 14, Impact1. A steel sword Code Cut 13, Thrust 8, Impact2. His dagger code Cut 9, Thrust 9, Impact 1. He rumored to have tens of thousands buried in different locations of the empire. His belt pouch has an average of 8 gold, 12 silver and 15 copper coins in it. He wears a quilted leather and fabric body armor that goes down to the mid thigh code Cut 16,Thrust 10, Impact 12, Burn 3. his bronze chest plate has an armor code of Cut22, Thrust12, Impact 12. His light infantry helm is copper and hardened leather armor code Cut 17, Thrust 15, Impact 11, burn 3.
Age: 28 Motive: To make money and get even.
His feelings about:
Love: No one loves me and I don't love them.
Hate: I hate everyone in the falcon army and all of the stinking rich fat slobs.
Duty: I owe it to myself to get even.
Honesty: If they were honest I would be honest.
Crime: Its a crime the way officers with a silver spoon in their mouths can be allowed to treat the common soldier.
Work: My work is to make them sorry they treated me the way that they did.
Money: Losing their money makes them feel the pain.

Rebbecca Holligsworth indentured servant npc in role play game serving wine

Rebekah Hollingsworth; Indentured Servant NPC: Captured by the Falcon Military on Alimia Isle when they invaded, Rebekah was sold as an indentured servant to an elderly couple on the Isle d' Martha, as a gift for their son who was finishing his tour in the light infantry. However, when he was killed on Longbead Isle, they sold her to the Aquila estate on the Isle d' Martha. Under Falcon law this added a year to her seven year indentured servant contract. A year later when the Duke Caesare Aquila visited his estate, he took her by force and she fought back giving him a black eye. He beat her and sent her to his rice fields for a year as punishment. Under Falcon law he also added a year to her contract for being a “rebellious” servant. The Duke has now ordered her sold before he returns to his estates next year. The steward takes her to the city on shopping and business trips as his helper. Hoping someone will make an offer on her as he is reluctant to put her on the open auction next spring. Her Skills: Str. 7, Dex 12,Endur 8,Intel 10. She speaks English and comprehends 20% Italian. Cooking +3, housekeeping +2, sewing +2, swimming +2, spinning +1, farming +1, weaving +1, dagger +1, diving +1. Personal Equipment:  she has two work gowns one to wear as she does her chores. The other to be cleaned. She sleeps on a mattress in the female servant quarters. She has no personal belongings. She stole a small kitchen knife that she keeps hidden as a dagger Cut 10, Thrust 4, Impact 0 She has also stolen some pearl jewelry and hidden it in the wine cellar. She hopes to use it to help pay for her escape from the Falcons. (value 64 florins) Age: 18 Her Motive: To escape if she can and flee the falcon Empire; or to Kill the Duke Aquila if he come to her again.(she doesn't know he wants her sold.)
Her feelings about:
Love: I loved my family but I have not seen any of them since the invasion. I don't even know if they are still alive.
Hate: I hate Duke Aquila and the Falcon Empire.
Duty: to escape or take revenge.
Honesty: I was raised to be honest but you can't be honest with the Falcon Empire.
Crime: its a crime to invade and destroy other peoples homes.
Work: The rice fields were the hardest work but also the most free as I was away from the Duke and his minions.
Money: I have the pearls to buy passage with, if I can find the right ship.

Geogio Lucas Tenente in rosso gatto battalion npc in his tent

Geogio Lucas Falcon Tenente NPC:  He has been second in command of the Gatto Rosso Battalion for the last three years. The battalion was just redeployed to Longbeard Isle. He has served 20 years with the Falcon Military including his 7 years in the light Infantry beginning at age 14. He worries about his men and that causes him to drink more than he knows he should. He has been a supporter of Duke Aquillia but has begun to have doubts about some of his policies including why the empire invaded Longbeard isle. In its first week on Long beard the Battalion lost 12 men , 4 dead and 3 crippled such that they will have to be discharged.  Not a single battle was fought and not a single enemy corpse was found. It was all ambush hit and run attacks. He has not faced an enemy before who would not stand and fight like men should. His Skills: Str. 10,Dex 11,Endur 9,Intel 10, He speaks Italian with 10% English comprehension. leadership +8, tactics +7, sword +6, spear +6, dagger (thrown +6 )dagger held +5, crossbow +4, forest lore +3, tracking +3, sewing +2, carpentry +2, fishing +1. Personal Equipment: Everything he owns is in his campaign chest. 2 extra pairs of clothing  a wool blanket, a hammock, an oiled rain poncho, a simple dagger cut 16, thrust 8,  a wooden cup, a wooden bowl, a pouch with 19 silver 11 copper in it. A sword code cut 17, thrust 9, impact 1. a compass. His armor code bronze and heavy leather  cut 32, thrust 22, impact 22. Age: 34 Motive: To serve the empire, protect his men and safely retire after one more 7 year term.
His feelings about:
Love: I love the military and the men in my command. I’ll marry when I retire.
Hate: disloyalty to the corps and the empire.
Duty: duty before death or dishonor.​​​
Honesty: The corps will not tolerate lying to the chain of command.
Crime: It's a crime to see good men wasted by poor commanders.
Work: I work hard to follow my orders and keep my men alive if I can.
Money: I have always had enough to meet my needs.

marcos-d-falconi-silva game npc

Marcos d' Falconi Silva NPC: Once the youngest director of the Falcon merchant bank and owner of 5 merchant ships of his own. Marcos has just been appointed as the new Falcon Ambassador to the Isle d' James. In the last few months he has been very close to lady Imelda sister to Grand-duke Ceasera. Never married he has a certain reputation with the ladies. His Skills are: Str. 9, Dex 12, Endur 9, Intel 12, He speaks both Italian and English, Navigation 6+, Sword 5+, Dagger 5+, Accounting/math 5+, seduction 5+, weather lore 4+, sailing 4+, leadership 4+, recognize value 4+, Swimming 3+, Dancing 3+. Personal Equipment: He always has a dagger on his left hip, and he wears the finest clothing, his belt pouch will contain 20 gold ,10 silver, 3 copper. He has credit with the Falcon Bank work 1.75 million gold florins. He has a home on Isle d' Margarette, Deeport and Nova Revenna. He keeps 1 body servant and two guards nearby at all times. Age: 33 Motive: To restore my mother's family name and fortunes. The Falcon Empire should be ruled by a Falconi. His feelings about: Love: This is what I feel for my mother and her family.
Hate: Is what I feel for those who usurped the throne from my real family.
Duty: My duty is to keep the empire strong.
Honesty: How can you be honest with liars and thieves.
Crime: It is only a crime if the emperor says it is.
Work: There are times when I remember with joy the simple honest work of sailing my own ship.
Money: Is the engine of my revenge.


Born Lorenzo He now rules under the name Octavo Antonio IX Emperor of All Falcon Islands: He is dying and he knows it. The private estimate is that maybe a year and not more than two years. He is saddened to end his reign with war and violence. He hoped that the people of the Empire would be repelled by the loss of their sons and that they would withdraw support from the hawkish factions of the government. If he supports Caesarea he knows there will be even more violence. If he supports Frederic he fears the hawks may start a civil war. His skills: Str. 6, Dex 10,Endur 7, Intel 16, he reads and writes Italian and a little English, leadership +5, diplomacy +4, interrogation +4, statecraft +4 , navigation +4, sword +2, detect traps 3+, dagger +3, archivist +3, gambling+3, swimming +1.  Personal equipment: he always wears the silver chain of state and a dagger code: Cut 16, Thrust10, impact 0 he has estates worth 5 million gold florins but he never carries money. Age: 68 Motive: to preserve the empire as a positive influence for good. His feelings about:
Love: is what I felt in my youth.
Hate: are the dark forces that seek to impose their vision on me.
Duty: to be good and honorable to all.
Honesty: I wish there was more of it in government.
Crime: is seeing the empire on the verge of self destruction.
Work: I loved to work to help make the Empire better.
Money I no longer understand why it is so important to everyone or why it once was to me.


Falcon emperior game npc sitting and pointing

Grand Duchess Bernadetta Aquilia Sister to the Emperor Octavo Antonio and the functional head of the house Aquilia: Her motto id "la famiglia e' l'Impero" she feels her family is the empire. She is proud of her son Duke Caesarea. She is a strong willed woman who is used to getting her own way. Two individuals who openly opposed her had unfortunate deaths in their families. Nothing was ever proven, but the implication became publicly clear don't oppose this woman. Her skills: Str. 7, Dex 10,Endur 12, Intel 14, She both reads and writes Italian and English. Diplomacy +7, interrogation +7, leadership +6, flirtation +5, harp +5, herbalist +3, poison +3, dagger +3, Personal equipment: With her husband's death, she controls the Aquila estates worth 3.2 million gold Florins. She has 30 employees, 20 servants and 20 indentured servants in her house. She has six bodyguards 2 of whom are women. Age: 72, Motive: To grow the power of the Empire and the family. Her feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for my children and the people in the empire.
Hate: I have never hated anyone in my life who didn't deserve it.
Duty: To grow the empire, and to safeguard the lives of my loyal people.
Honesty: I have always been honest in my dealings and judgments If I like you you'll know it; And if I don't you'll know that to.
Crime: is any disloyalty to the Emperor and empire.
Work: I have always served the empire.
Money: Is the blessing of the Others on those who know how to use it well.

Emperor's sister npc demanding her rights

Duke Caesarea Aquila Potential heir to the Falcon Empire: He believes he should replace the current Emperor when he dies and collecting support for that idea is his major activity. He tours the combat areas and he has staff-members who write letters for him to the families of active duty troops. He meets with military commanders with promises of promotion and glory when he is emperor and the Empire expands to conquer weaker neighbors. Privately he distrusts men like Imparator Antoni Garibaldi, the man doesn't seem to enjoy the glory and honor of watching an enemy being destroyed. A soldier should like destruction. His skills: Str. 12,Dex 12,Endur 12, Intel 11, he speaks, reads and writes Italian, diplomacy +6, leadership +5, lawyer +5, interrogation +4, sword +3, dagger +3, hunting/tracking +3, hand to hand combat. +3, gambling+3, dance +2, tactics +1 swimming +1.  Personal equipment: he always has a jeweled dagger code: Cut 14, Thrust10, Impact 0, a pouch with silver200 silver to tip staff and guards. He is worth 4.5 million gold florins with rental properties (He is a slum lord) Age: 33 Motive: fulfill my duty to the empire by serving as the best emperor ever to have ruled. His feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for my people in the empire.
Hate: I have never hated anyone in my life.
Duty: To grow the empire, and to safeguard the lives of my loyal people.
Honesty: I will be the first truly honest emperor in my dealings and judgments.
Crime: is any disloyalty to the Emperor and empire.
Work: I serve the empire.
Money: is the means to an end.

Duke Caesarea game npc with hunting bird

Ernesto Aquilia: Officially an Aid d' Camp to his younger cousin, Duke Caesarea Aquilia. Ernesto was a Sub-Altern in the famous Red Cowl Battalion of the Falcon heavy infantry. He earned the "Falcon's Talon" for his ferocity and bravery in battle. He is now Duke Caesarea's "fixer" He is totally loyal to the Duke. His job is to make difficult problems go away. And ensure the success and long life of the Duke. His skills: Str. 11,Dex 13,Endur 12, Intel 9, he speaks, reads and writes Italian, Sword +7, dagger +6, Crossbow +5, Hand to hand combat +4, Tracking +4 Forest lore +4, streetwise +4,Leadership +3,  Interrogation +3, survival +3, lying +3, land tactics +2, Murder +2, poison +2. Personal equipment: a falcatta, two daggers 4 sets of clothing two cloaks, a campaign chest, a script with 3 gold, 6 silver and 4 copper coins, and a ability to write a draft on the falcon Merchant bank for up to 100 gold florins if needed. Age: 39  Motive: fulfill my duty to the empire by serving Duke Caesarea. His feelings about:
Love: is what A parent feels for a child and I feel for my Duke.
Hate: Your enemies and destroy those who oppose the empire or the my Duke.
Duty: To faithfully serve my Duke.
Honesty: is for the simple minded , the poor or the very rich.
Crime: is any disloyalty to the future Emperor and empire.
Work: I live to serve the empire.
Money: is for old age if you live.

Falcon fixer npc for role play game in armor with his weapons

The Honorable lady Imelda Aquilia: Younger sister to Duke Caesarea and niece to the Emperor Octavo. She is a strong willed single young lady not content to sit in the background of history. She is in many ways her mother's daughter. She has on a few occasions even questioned the law that limits the leadership of the Empire to the male members of the family. Her skills: Str. 7, Dex 13,Endur 12, Intel 15, She both reads and writes Italian and English; as well as being able to read some of the dead languages of the ancient Others such as "French" and "Latin". leadership +6, Singing+5, dancing +5, harp +4, interrogation +4, flirtation +4, diplomacy +3, dagger, +3, hand to hand combat +2, herbalist +2, Streetwise +1. Personal equipment: She has a monthly income of 200 gold per month plus she is starting to get dividends from investments in merchant shipping. She wants to build a fortune independent of her families. She has 4 ladies in waiting 2 of whom are trained as guards. She already has her own villa on the isle d Martha at Capri. She employs 4 spies, 12 servants, and 4 male guards. Age: 23, Motive: To grow the power of  women and herself in the Empire and the family. Her feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for those loyal to me..
Hate: I I reserve for those who are disloyal or who openly oppose me.
Duty: To grow the empire of course.
Honesty: what a silly question of course I'm always honest.
Crime: is when someone opposes the Emperor and Empire.
Work: That's what I hire others for.
Money: is power if you know how to use it.

Marcello Aquila: Royal Governor of Isle Margarette and he holds court in the old baronial fortress. He is a first cousin of, and an active supporter of the Grand Duke Caesarea Aquila to be the next emperor of the Falcon Empire. Marcello rules The Isle Margarette with an iron hand. Any report of treasonous talk is rewarded gold for the snitch and arrest for the guilty party. If the suspect is found guilty it is a death sentence. Marcello’s skills are: Str. 8, Dex 12, Endur10,Intel 12,Diplomacy +4, read & write +3, sword +5, dagger+4, lying +6, poison +3, Painting+3, Languages English & Italian, Astronomy +3, Military tactic +3, Swimming +3, recognize value +3, and cartographer +2. He has 25 personal family guards in his service with eight on duty at all times plus a guard captain on duty during the day Personal equipment: A 6-inch gold and ruby encrusted dagger that was given to him by Duke Caesarea; it is always with him; Cut 15, Thrust 8, Impact 0.
Age: 56 Motive: personal power His feelings about:
Love: It is something for my enjoyment in my spare time.
Hate: I love hating my enemies and devising way to make them suffer.
Duty: Is the loyalty you owe Duke Aquila and the Falcon Empire.
Honesty: Is a tool to be used to reward your friends and crush your enemies.
Crime: Are the actions taken by your enemies.
Work: is for the lower classes and those too stupid to be like me.
Money: is a tool to reward your friends and punish others.

 Marcel Aquila: A second cousin to Caesarea Aquila Grand Duke of the Falcon Empire and a possible contender for the Throne in the future. He has been sent to the social backwater of Port Edward on the Copper Isle to negotiate with the Duarf.  His skills are: Str. 7,Dex 9,Endur9,Intel 13, Dancing +5, gambling +4, Singing +2, cooking +3, read & write +7, diplomacy +3, Priestcraft +4, Lying +2, poison +3, dagger +2, recognize value +1, and swimming+1. He is overweight, talkative, soft, and would do almost anything short of betraying the empire to get back to the center of the empire. Personal equipment: he always has his favorite bed taken with him. His proper rest is important. A jewel box of burl oak inlaid with gold and silver, 14 rings of gold and silver, 6 pairs of silver and gold ear-rings, 3 gold and jewel necklaces, a backgammon board made of rare stones, a small collection of favorite perfumes. He always has a chest of money as spare change. Contents 125 cold florin, 35 silver marks and 200 copper pence. He has a 50 gold florins per month allowance.
Age: 23 Motive: To get back to court and civilization. His feelings about:
Love: is the very best and purest emotion.
Hate: is for silly people who don’t know how to really love.
Duty: Is the loyalty you owe your family.
Honesty: is good when it is appropriate.
Crime: is living beneath your station in squalor.
Work: is how servants show their loyalty.
Money: I don't worry about that my family is wealthy.

Lady Imelda niece to falcon emperior game npc being spoiled
Marcello Falcon nobel npc thinking
lord Marcel falcon nobel npc indulgent

Grand Duke Frederic d’ Silva: He would rather be the Chancellor of the University than the next Emperor. He served 20 years in the military and is better liked by older officers than the young Caesarea. If he were emperor he believes the empire improves not by expansion but by making the empire such an example of civilization and culture, others would beg to join the empire. He doesn’t dress or act like an emperor. He understands the public need for service to the empire but wonders why him? He just doesn't want the headaches the job would bring. He also knows how much the empire needs good leadership.  His skills: Str. 9, Dex 13,Endur 10, Intel 15, he reads and writes Italian and a little English, leadership +5, statecraft +4, diplomacy +3, interrogation +2, tactics +4, sword +4, hunting and tracking+4, dagger +3, falconer+3, medic +1.  Personal equipment: dagger code: Cut 16, Thrust 10, Impact1, a pouch with 4 copper and 6 silver he has access to estates worth 4 million gold florins. Age: 49 Motive: to avoid conflict and be a positive influence for good. His feelings about:
Love: is what I feel when I see my falcon soar in the clear sky.
Hate: are the dark forces that seek to impose their vision of the future on me.
Duty: to be good and honorable to all.
Honesty: I wish there was more of it in government.
Crime: disloyalty to ones duty.
Work: I have spent 20 years trying to help make the Empire better.
Money I no longer understand why it was so important to me in my youth

Duke Frederic in front game npc of fortifications

Piero d' Silva: He is jealous of the Aquila family. He once wrote a romantic sonnet to the lady Imelda and she laughed at him and mocked his sonnet with her ladies in waiting. Now he is at the university in Deep port studying to become a surgeon. He has fantasies of how he might bring the Aquila family down. In his mind he wants to see them laughed at and mocked as he feels they have done to him. His skills are: Str. 7,Dex 11,Endur8, Intel 12, He can read and speak Italian and he can read both English and some of the ancient Latin. Singing +4, Dancing +4, Interrogation +4, Math +4, cooking +3, Herbalist +3, Botany +3, forest lore +2, surgery +2 Sword +2, Dagger +1, Personal equipment: A jewel hilted sword, a pouch with 3 gold, 12 silver, and 2 copper, 12 sets of clothing a monthly allowance of 12 gold florins. Age: 29 Motive: to avoid conflict and be a positive influence for good. His feelings about:
Love: is what I feel when I see a beautiful woman.
Hate: Is what I feel for the Aquilia family and their silly pretensions.
Duty: to be good and honorable to all.
Honesty: I wish there was more of it in the other nobles of the Empire.
Crime: Disloyalty to ones duty.
Work: I have tried my best to get along with others but they just mock me anyway.
Money I didn't understand why it was so important to me in my youth.

Falcon game npc at university

Lady Giada d' Silva: She was born into the Garibaldi family, Contubernales Marcos is her uncle. She worries that her husband, Ajar Philippi D' Silva of the Silver battalion, only married her because of her powerful uncle. She was once a close friend of lady Imelda Aquilia but now she sees her former friend as shallow and vendictive. Lady Giada promotes better medical conditions and better armor for the troops. She is appalled at the wounds she sees inflicted on loyal falcon citizens who are not given adequate armor for their battles. She and her husband's troops are now stationed on the Isle d' Martha at the fortress for some rest after two years on Isabel isle against the Red Serpent. Her skills: Str. 8, Dex 14,Endur 10, Intel 11, She both reads and writes Italian and English; Leadership +4, Surgeon +4, Herbalist +4, dagger +3, diplomacy +3, singing +2, cooking +2, swimming +2, sewing +2. Personal equipment: She has a surgical kit, a personal dagger, and a monthly family income of 20 gold per month. Age: 27 Motive: to help her husband and his troops. Her feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for my husband and my family.
Hate: is what I feel for the waste I have seen in battle.
Duty: is what I owe my husband, my profession and the Empire.
Honesty: I wish there was more honesty in telling the empire's leaders what the troops suffer for them.
Crime: is a disloyalty to ones duty.
Work: My work is to make my husband happy and proud and to help the suffering of the troops in my care.
Money I don't worry about that.

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Marcos Garibaldi: He is head of the Garibaldi family and a inward looking, deep thinking man of integrity. He is deeply offended with the two offers from the young Duke Caesarea in a vain effort to win his support; yet he is troubled at what the Duke might do if he felt the Garibaldi family wasn't on his side. He has tried to encourage Grand Duke Frederic d’ Silva to put forward a stronger claim for theEmpire's leadership. He believes the war on Longbeard isle is a mistake.  As a Contubernales Marcos knows that a large majority of all senior officers would support Duke Frederic if only he would put forward a public statement of a desire to accept the emperorship of it was offered. His skills are: Str. 9,Dex 11,Endur9, Intel 13, He can read and speak Italian. Interrogation +5, Leadership +5, land tactics +4, math +4, logistics +3, diplomacy +3, Sword +3, dagger +3, Crossbow +3, spear +2, weather lore +2, Herbalist +1, fishing +1. Personal equipment: He controls a family wealth of 2.25 million gold florins. Yet he lives very modestly. He would rather read a book than go to a state dinner. He employs 40 servants 6 of whom are guards with 4 of those six members of his extended family. He has 50 paid employees who supervise his farming and merchant interests. Age: 59 Motive: is to make the empire stronger and secure a good place for his loyal friends and family in the future His feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for my family and friends.
Hate: Is what I feel for the blind anger and hostility that I see in the world
Duty: Is what I owe the Empire.
Honesty: I'm still working out what is truth, I haven't got to honesty yet .
Crime: Disloyalty is the worst crime.
Work: is to make the world a better place than you found it.
Money is just another tool.

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Army Imparator Antoni Garibaldi: He is the younger brother of Marcos the head of the family. He is one of the most respected and revered field commanders the Empire has ever had. He has a keen mind and a quick grasp of military situations. He neither likes, respects nor cares for Duke Aquilia and feels he would be a terrible choice for Emperor. But only his closest confidants know his political views. In public he is the perfect soldier's soldier completely apolitical. He often wears the armor and clothing of a common soldier. Strangers have mistaken his guards for him because their armor is flashier. He has pushed for more funds to be spent on good equipment for the troops and feels the army is not properly armored and equipped. He was just placed in charge of the failing invasion on Longbeard island. His skills are: Str. 12, Dex 11,Endur11, Intel 11, He can read and speak Italian, and read a little English (20%). Tactics +8,(He has a 95% chance of knowing what his enemy will do on the battlefield), leadership +7, Sword +6, spear +5, dagger +5,weather lore +5, cartography +4, Math +3, hand to hand combat +3, Swimming +3 climbing +2, Forest lore +2. Personal equipment: He has five command tents, a staff of 5, 3 guards, 3 servants, personal armor and equipment he donates his monthly family allotment of 50 gold florins monthly to the disabled soldiers home at Deep port and lives on his military pay as Imparator.  Age: 54 Motive: is to make the empire stronger and secure; by defeating its enemies in the field. His feelings about:
Love: is for my family and friends.
Hate: is a luxury only the foolish or defeated can afford.
Duty: Is what I owe the Empire.
Honesty: I'm honest with my men and never with the enemy.
Crime: failure to do one's duty is the worst crime.
Work: is trying to keep the greatest number of my men alive while gaining the greatest advantage over the enemy.
Money is a tool.

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Nicolo Segovia Head of the Segovia family: He has recently accepted a small gratuity from Duke Aquilia as a token of mutual friendship. He is now willing to openly support the Duke's  claims to the throne. Nicolo feels he is only being reasonable; after all "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." We're the Falcon Empire and we need a new Emperor or at least we will as soon as old Octavo dies. Politics is a rough business, a business for men. His skills are: Str. 9,Dex 10,Endur12, Intel 10, He can read and speak Italian. Recognize value +5, Merchant +5, Navigation +4, Math +4 Sea lore +4, Crossbow +4, Diplomacy +4, leadership +3, sword +3, Dagger +2, Cook +1. Personal equipment: He controls a family wealth of 1.25 million gold florins. He has a new villa on Isle d' Margarette, a Villa in the Capitol and one in Deeport. He has 1 wife, 2 concubines (one at each of whichever villa his wife is not at.) He has 4 legitimate children and 5 illegitimate children. he own 12 ships and a large number of employees and servants. Age: 45 Motive: is to make the empire stronger by making me one of its most important citizens stronger.  His feelings about:
Love: is what I feel for my family.
Hate: is what i feel for those barbarians who can't see just how great the Empire is.
Duty: Is what I owe the Empire.
Honesty: Is one of those old fashioned ideas taught by the Servi priests when I was young.
Crime: Disloyalty is the worst.
Work: Is what I expect from my employees and servants.
Money is a very good thing, it gives you power.

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Geovanni Rabaldi is the head of the Rabaldi family: His loyalty and money will support whichever candidate offers the best chance for peace in the Empire and peace with our neighbors and trading partners. It's hard to make a business profit in a war. As long as we can have peace for trade it doesn't really matter who is emperor. He is embarrassed by his worthless brother. His Skills Str. 10,Dex 11,Endur 8,Intel 13, He speaks and reads both Italian and English. Recognize value +6, Merchant +5, diplomacy +5, Archery +5, leadership +4, swimming +4, Hunting +4, navigation +3, Astrology +3, dagger +3, sword +2, Ship-building +1. Personal equipment: He controls estates and shipping worth 3.5 million gold florins. He owns 4 homes and 17 ships. He often wears iron maille over padding under a fancy embroidered shirt. He has 8 private guards 4 industrial spies inside the business operations of his business competitors. Age: 38  Motive: make money because money is power. His feelings about:
Love: is an expensive emotion.
Hate: can waste a lot of money if you're not careful.
Duty: Is what I owe to the Empire and the emperor.
Honesty: can be bought with the right price.
Crime: is squandering wealth with no thought of making a return on the investment.
Work: My work is to make more money.
Money: is power and control.

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Enrico Rabaldi: This young man for some reason has been appointed the new military governor of Isabel Isle. Last week he was the most likely to die of an overdose of "Wine Women and Song". He fancies himself a military man but he has only served in the light infantry. He was discharge as unfit for future military service to the Empire. Un-known to his older brother, he has invested most of his monthly stipend of 100 gold florins and he now owns 3 ships on his own and 1 theatrical company and theater in Capri on Isle d' Martha. He loves to write long emotional ballads about the glorious warriors of the Falcon Empire. His Skills Str. 8,Dex 13,Endur 9,Intel 11, He speaks and reads both Italian and English. Lute +5, diplomacy +4, recognize value +3, brewing +3, poetry +3, Swimming +3, dagger +2, Merchant +2, singing +1 Acting +1 Personal equipment: a new villa on Isabel isle, a theater, 3 ships, he can write a draft on the merchant bank for up to 5,000 gold florins. He seldom has cash on hand he has 3 private family guards and 3 official military guards as governor. 12 servants Age: 28  Motive: make money because it will drive my brother crazy. His feelings about:
Love: is wonderful.
Hate: why hate let's have a drink instead.
Duty: I did my duty but they didn't like me.
Honesty: is what my brother believes it is.
Crime: is not enjoying a good drink and a song.
Work: My work is to make the empire and my brother proud of me.
Money: is control.

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Nicholas Pavana Chancellor of the Alien Advocate: Former chancellor of the University and rumored member of the Nemo society. His mother was a member of the Antonio family. When the current emperor dies he may become the new head of the Antonio family. Anyone who isn’t a citizen of the Falcon Empire should want to count this person as their friend in Falcon government. He helps negotiate the Falcon legal system for outsiders. While a loyal member of the Empire who will support no treason, he seems to also follow a higher loyalty to humanity in general. His Skills Str. 9,Dex 13,Endur 9,Intel 14, Diplomacy +7, leadership +6, recognize value +5, manufacture +4, sword+4, Dagger+4,  Personal equipment: three villas, and two city homes, he is worth 5.5 million gold florins if needed. He owns a large number of sets of nice but conservative clothes; he employs some 400 people as workers and agents. He always has a jeweled dagger on his person. But almost never carries money. Age: 62 Motive: To see the humans on Archipelago united and no longer fighting each other. His feelings about:
Love: Is something that all humans should feel at least once.
Hate: is what I feel there is too much of.
Duty: Is what I owe to humanity, the Empire and the emperor.
Honesty: To be honest to one’s highest goal you might have to be dishonest to a lower goal.
Crime: The real crime is what divided humans are doing to each other.
Work: My work is to bring peace and unity to humanity.
Money: Is the lubricant of politics and negotiations.

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